Video Website!

Along with a DWP or CWP package you will receive a personalized website.

The website design will be simple and modern and will contain the videos in your package, for example your Engagement, Highlights, Wedding Film, Full Ceremony and the Reception. Think of the website as your blu-ray cover, but for the modern digital world :)

The website cannot be googled, meaning the couple can choose who to share the link to, a password can also be applied if the couple chooses. Now friends, family and anyone far away can experience the full produced wedding videos. Most of the time close relatives and very close friends would like to also experience the entire wedding and now they can! The couple will also be able to keep a digital download of the videos to keep a local copy on their personal hard drive or computer.

You can still choose to purchase a blu-ray if you want to. Some couples and families prefer to have a hard copy of their wedding, and it will still be as awesome as ever with your custom menu etc.

Below you can see an example of a page we recently created for Vicky and Joseph (image example)

The videos (image example)